ByOrient Multi-Functional Soymilk Maker


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ByOrient’s products are not just beautiful, but also functional, with a focus on creating designs that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

ByOrient’s products reflect the diversity and richness of cultures from East Asia, while also embodying the values of simplicity, harmony, and balance that are at the heart of Oriental philosophy.

This high speed blender is a multi-functional cooker that offers powerful yet versatile blending performance. You can choose from 8 different functions for a delicious and healthy drink.

  • 8 Different Functions: This soymilk maker offers 8 different functions, allowing you to make a wide variety of drinks and dishes. These functions include Porridge, Soymilk, Paste, Puree, Boil Water, Juice, Warm, and Clean. With these options, you can make a delicious and healthy drink for yourself or your family.
  • Powerful and Versatile Blending Performance: This soymilk maker provides powerful and versatile blending performance. It is designed to blend ingredients quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you get a smooth and consistent result every time.
  • Filter-Free Blending: Unlike some other soymilk makers, this one blends without a filter, ensuring that there are no residue or clumps left behind. This makes cleaning up after use quick and easy.
  • 1L Capacity: The soymilk maker has a 1L capacity, which is suitable for making drinks and dishes for 1-4 people. This is ideal for small families or individuals who want to make their own healthy drinks at home.

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