Ceraflame GOURMET Casserole 28cm


Versatility, functionality and quality distinguish the Ceraflame products:

– The Ceraflame products can be used on gas and electric stoves, microwaves, conventional ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers.

– Our ceramics is 100% resistant to thermal shocks. You can remove it from heat and immediately put it on the countertop without cracking from temperature difference.

– As the ceramic maintains the temperature longer, the cookware can be removed earlier from the fire, providing energy savings, and the food will remain hot when served at the table.

– Since Ceraflame is a handmade product, it might have small imperfections on its surface.

– Since it is a ceramic product, it can break if handled forcefully.

– Never try to glue broken ceramic pieces, the glue will not have sufficient adherence to ensure a safe use of the product.

– Ceraflame does not work on induction stoves.

– Ceraflame values the health of their consumers. To ensure there are absolutely no contaminants, Ceraflame does not have any kind of non-stick coating.

– Non-toxic ceramic. Our products are developed from inorganic raw materials that guarantee lack of food contamination by toxic metal.

– Made in Brazil.

Additional information

Weight 2.908 lbs

Black, Red