Companion Mini Sauce Pan (16cm)


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• Exclusively made for single & Nuclear family.

• Tempered glass lid is included, is great for simmering, and makes cooking easier than ever.

• Made in Taiwan.

• Top-of-line okitsumo non-stick coating. 5-layer with ceramic reinforcement. Passed scratch test 30,000 cycles. PFOA free. Heat resistance up to 500°F (260°C).

• Non-stick, fast heating, no need to season, and easy to clean. Make cooking simple and easy.

Material: Carbon Steel, Rubber Wood, Glass Lid


• For first-time use, just clean it with neutral detergent and wipe it dry. Add cooking oil and use low heat.

• It is recommended to cook with low to medium heat.

• It is recommended to use silicone or wooden utensils to make the cookware even more long-lasting.

• It is recommended to clean with warm water. For tough stains, please use hot water and scrub with scrub pads with neutral detergents.


• Compatible with gas stove, IH stove, ceramic stove, etc. Not dishwasher safe. Not oven and microwave safe.

• When used with a gas stove, make sure the flame does not reach over the bottom of the pan. Do not heat an empty pan.

• Please avoid thermal shock. After use, it is recommended to wait for the pan to cool down gradually or clean with warm water.

• Do not hit the pan with sharp objects, it may damage the pan.

• When cooking with a lid, please pay attention to the ventilation hole to avoid scalding.

• Do not store food in the pan for an extended period of time, especially soy sauce, vinegar, or sodium-based liquid.

• Please store in a well-ventilated area.

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