Gel-Cool Dome Lunch Box


The GEL-COOL series encloses cool gel inside the lid.
By using the lid frozen, the lid itself acts as a cooling agent, so you can carry it safely even on warm days.
Simply pop the lid in your freezer the night before. Once you have packed your dishes in the morning, just put the lid on and you are ready to go.

In this Dome series, the inside of the lid is made into a dome shape, so that the food is kept without crushing. The lunch box is oval in shape, it is designed so you can easily wash the corners.

Capacity: 900 ml

Made in Japan

Size & Weight: W227 ?ù D108 ?ù H68mm, 300 g

Main Body & Partition: polypropylene (heat 140 ?? C., cool tolerance -20 ?? C.)
Lid: ABS resin (heat 60 ?? C., cool tolerance -20 ?äâ)
Band: silicon rubber

Only the main body and the dividers can be used in the dishwasher/microwave. The rest must be hand washed

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Weight 0.3 lbs

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