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This product is a special offer item for the Chinese New Year promotion.

You will receive this item for free with any order of $99 or above.

The color of the lunchbox is randomized, offer valid while supplies last.

The Gel-Cool Plus Deli series features a new shape, and increased cooling powers; your bento will now stay cooler for longer in even hotter temperatures! With an outside temperature of 30 degrees outside, your bento will remain cold (below 15 degrees Celsius) for at least 4 hours; if it’s 25 degrees outside, your bento will be fresh for at least 5 hours!

Simply pop the lid in your freezer the night before. Once you have packed your meal in the morning, just put the lid on and you are ready to go.

Food packed in the box with the pre-cooled lid will be kept cold for several hours. The lid encloses the box tightly thanks to an internal lid making the box leak proof. This 2 tiers lunch box 2 is customizable, so you can pack two layers or one depending on your preference. A matching elastic band keep your box closed and safe throughout the day!

Capacity: 595ml

Made in Japan

Dimensions: 16.6 x 12.5 x 8.1cm
Weight: 335 g

Main body & partition, fasteners: polypropylene (heat 140C, cool tolerance -20C.)
Ice pack Lid: ABS resin (heat 60C, cool tolerance -20C)
Lid stopper: Silicone rubber

Only the main body and the dividers can be used in the dishwasher/microwave. The rest must be hand washed.

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