Gel-Cool mWood Bento Box SG


Elegant, clean design and smart features – this is one of our most beautiful lunch boxes that will keep your food fresh throughout the day.

This bento box is part of Gel-Cool mWood series. mWood uses ancient cedar wood from Kochi Prefecture in Japan, giving its unique and beautiful wood grain finish. The cedars selected are over 100 years, allowing the wood to have the ideal strength to resist weather conditions and be long-lasting. In Japan, it is said that wood from 100 years old trees will last 100 years more after it has been cut down. That is why many Japanese buildings built from older trees can endure centuries.

Gel-Cool Boxes keep your foods cool by building an ice pack right into the top lid! Simply pop the lid in your freezer the night before. Once you have packed your dishes in the morning, just put the lid on and you are ready to go.

The lid encloses the box tightly thanks to an inner lid making the box mostly leak proof. An elastic band keeps it all safety together throughout the day!

Capacity: 500 ml

Made in Japan

Size: W86 ?ù D178 ?ù H60mm
Wood lunch box: 196 g
Ice pack lid: 270 g

body & partition: wood
Lid: SEBS resin (heat-resistant 120 ?? C., cool tolerance -60 ?äâ)
Rubber band: Rayon polyester rubber
Cooling lid: ABS resin (heat-resistant 60 ?äâ, cold-resistant -20 ?äâ)

– Please freeze the ice pack lid only
– NOT microwave or dishwasher safe
– Hand washing is recommended

Additional information

Weight 0.196 lbs