Gel-Cool Plus Dome S Clear Lunch Box


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The “GEL-COOL” series has a cold gel inside the lid. By freezing the lid and using it, the lid itself acts as an ice pack, so you can carry it with confidence even on warm days. Freezer time is overnight in a general freezer. After filling the food in the morning, just set the frozen lid. Remove the lid and microwave it! You can eat it safely and deliciously. By making the inside of the lid a dome shape, this type keeps the voluminous arrangement without crushing it. An oval type that can be easily held with one hand and can be washed to the corner.

[Estimated cold insulation effect (20 ° C or less)]

When ingredients chilled in the refrigerator (5 ℃) are put in. The outside temperature is 25 ℃ for about 4 hours.


About 300 ml


W115 × D92 × H68mm, 130g


Body / Fastener: Polypropylene (heat resistant 140 ℃, cold resistant -20 ℃)

Cold storage pig: ABS resin (heat resistant 60 ° C, cold resistant -20 ° C)

Packing: Silicon rubber

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Asparagus Green, Cherry Pink, Corn Yellow, Gorgonzola Blue, Milk White