Hachiman APYUI Kitchen Chef Hat Lid Holder


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The small but dependable chef hat!

Cast iron pot lids are heavy and can get really hot, these little chef hats will protect your hands and make your pots look adorable.

The little chef hat helps add a splash of fun in your daily cooking. The wrinkle texture of the hat makes it easier to grip with one hand. This little helper is also useful for a variety of tasks such as opening caps, resting utensils, and peeling garlics.

Made in Japan.

Heat toleance: 200℃

Materials: Silicone

Size: W71×D71×H44mm

Care & Usage:
・Please keep in mind that prolonged usage while it is attached to a pan over fire may result in higher temperature.
・Dishwasher compatible
・Please do not use it in direct flame or oven.
・Please check the shape of the lid knob you have first to ensure compatibility.

Additional information

Weight 0.039 lbs

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