Hachiman APYUI Kitchen Mitten


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Whether for metal, cast-iron or enamel cookware, these mitten shaped pot holders will help keep your hands safe from hot handles.

Easy to attach and remove with one hand, these mittens are made of soft and heat resistant silicone. The quilting patterns keep them grippy and adorable to look at.

Not only will the mittens accentuate your cookware, they can also support many cooking tasks. You can use them as utensil rests, or help you keep the recipe books opened. Unlike fabric mittens, you can easily rinse and dry these with water and use again without needing to wait.

Made in Japan.

Heat toleance: 200?äâ

Materials: Silicone

Size: W47xD43xH99mm

Care & Usage:
・Please keep in mind that prolonged usage while it is attached to a pan over fire may result in higher temperature.
・Dishwasher compatible
・Please do not use it in direct flame or oven.
・Please check the shape of the pot handles you have first to ensure compatibility.

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