JIA Inc. Calligraphy Chopsticks and Spoon Gift Set


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Short Description

The original Chopsticks Set has long been a popular hot item for JIA Inc.. After years of market experience and consumer feedback, JIA Inc. upgrade the design in lines, materials, and functions. Hope people enjoy every daily dining moments by using the new JIA Inc. Chopsticks &Spoon Set.

Chopstick: 1.6cm x 26.5cm;

Spoon: 21.9cm x 4.7cm x 0.9cm;

Rest: 8.5cm x 1.2cm x 1.1cm

Long Description

In imitating the calligraphic lines of Shou Jin Ti created by the emperor Song Hui Zong who wrote with lightness and speed without losing the body of each stroke, designers combine the calligraphic lines with stainless steel and PPS to translate the Asian esthetics of movement and strength into this chopsticks and spoon set. The handle of the cutlery match the finishing brushstroke in calligraphy while the thickness is ideal for the force exerted by each user.

• Better looking, smoother lines.

1. Re-interpreting the Shou Jing Ti, lines are more smooth, and the chopsticks & spoon are slimmer and lighter.

2. Considering the feeling and ergonomics when holding the chopsticks and spoon, the angle of handle is more rounded.

3. Move the calligraphic stroke to the back of the line, so that the weight is more even when the handle is held, and it will not interfere with each other when dining.

• Upgrade Material, better texture and more durable.

1. Single material, seamless, easy to clean and more durable.

2. Hair-textured heat-resistant composite plastic (PPS), woody texture.

3. The Chopsticks texture increases friction, making it easier to grab food.

• Upgrade function, more easy to use.

1. Reduce the width of the spoon to make it easier to put in mouth.

2. The rest is designed to be used on both sides according to users’ needs.

3. Round head and square tail, making the chopsticks rest peacefully on the table without scrolling around.


1. Made of solid stainless steel and PPS, rust-free and made heavy-duty for endurance.

2.Hand wash with mild detergent and sponge recommended. Wipe dry with a piece of soft cloth.

3. Dishwasher safe.


1. Do not heat. Not recommended as cooking tool, only to be used as dinnerware.

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