JIA Inc. Ding Cast Iron Casserole JI-JDG110


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To facilitate modern cooking requirements, Ding Casserole has a flat base while legs have been incorporated in a separate stand. The enameled interior contrasts with the matte black exterior surface, providing a functional cooking surface. Inspired by ancient Chinese bronze Ding, designer group seamlessly merged the classic shape with practical function, creates a Ding that fits modern cooking needs.

Golden Pin Design Mark 2010 Award
Ding, the oldest cookware in Chinese culture, is the origin of culinary arts and all flavors. The Casserole contains 3 parts: body pot, Lid and Tripot stand. The silicone pad underneath the tripod stand is slippery free, and also prevents the stand from scratching the table.

Body 20 x 24.5 x 8.5 (H) cm
Lid 20 x 24.5 x 3 (H) cm
Tripod stand 17.4 x 5.4 (H) cm
Capacity: 2L

1.Can be used on all heat sources excluding microwave oven.
2.Suitable for various recipes, delicate or robust: soups, roasts, grills, rice dishes, casseroles.
3.Cast iron is a very efficient material and retains heat well. Medium and low heats will provide the best results for the majority of cooking, including frying and searing.
4.Handle with care while cooking. For safety sake, using Ding Heat Resistant Pot Holder / Oven mitt is highly recommended.
5.Clean with mild detergent and sponge. Rinse and dry thoroughly before storage. Store the pot in a dry cupboard or airy space away from kitchen steam. Dishwasher safe.

1.Do not place in microwave oven.
2.Put ingredients into the casserole before heating. Do not fill a hot casserole with cold water or plunge into cold water as thermal shock damage to the enamel may occur.
3.Do not use metallic pads or harsh abrasive cleaning agents as these will damage the enamel surface. Use only wooden, heat resistant silicone or nylon tools, to avoid scratching the enamel.

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