JIA Inc. Four Seasons Glass Set, 4 Pieces


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“Four Seasons Glass Set” is your essential companion to enjoy each season. From aperitif and beverage to main course and dessert, this set completes a table of delectable gastronomy with rich visual beauty and flavors all in your hands.

The melancholy of flowers is uncovered under light spring drizzle. Whilst willows in summer sway through the cool breeze. Autumn sees the reflection of bright moonlight in glasses. And during winter, the warmth of spring is again eagerly awaited.

Admire the landscape of four seasons while savoring each season’s
specialty. Different tints of the glass layered out display an example of
beauty just as in a calligraphic painting, while the clear translucence of a spring dish, a summer glass, an autumn bowl and a winter deep bowl complete the full cycle of another year.


Spring Plate: 12.3cm x 5.2cm; 
Summer Glass: 6.2cm x 9.0cm; 
Autumn Bowl: 9.3cm x 7.1cm; 
Winter Cup: 13cm x 7.9cm

1.Hand wash with warm water and mild detergent is recommended.
2.Wipe the surface with dry cloth and air-dry.

1.Fragile products. Handle with care.
2.Do not use metallic pads or harsh abrasive cleaning agents as these will damage the surface.

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