JIA Inc. Lantern and Shade Series Glass Vase


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Lantern often takes a symbolic role in Chinese culture. While a lantern is being hung up, it often says that an important event, such as weddings or festive happenings is going on. Lantern and Shade modernize the classic lantern lines, using mouth blown glass and polyresin to compose the interaction between lights, shades and your creativity.

JIA IS “HOME”Steam and fire in the kitchen as well as cutlery and tableware are the symbol of happiness shared by all Chinese families.
JIA Inc. concentrates on culture and started based on Chinese culture while inviting an international team of designers to inspire from the perspectives of East and West! Beyond cultures, beyond new and old, and beyond space, we reach the most heart-warming and the most tender essence in the heart of everyone, our home.

Serves as an ideal container for cut flowers.

1.Polyresin base is flammable; for safety reasons, only use candles housed in aluminum and do not expose the base directly to sources of heat.
2.When used as a tea light holder, the glass could be hot, please handle with care.
3.The glass and the polyresin are separate pieces. Hold the polyresin base to prevent from possible breakage when moving the product.
4.Use sponge and mild detergent for cleaning. Do not scrub the surface of the glass part forcefully.
5.Polyresin can only withstand up to 60℃ in temperature; submerging the base in water
6.Do not use alcohol-based detergent for scrubbing and cleaning the glass surface to avoid color fading.

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