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JIA Inc. Steamer Set contains one steamer pot and one basket. The steamer pot and lid are made from fireproof ceramic, which has excellent heat resistance compared to regular stoneware, making it less likely to crack at higher temperatures. The JIA steamer pot can be used on open flame gas stoves and in both conventional and microwave ovens.

The method of steaming food was invented during the Han Dynasty thousands of years ago. Legend has it that General Han Xin made cooking utensils from bamboo and wood to cook food with steam. Through history, steaming has evolved to be one of the most iconic and essential cooking techniques in the Chinese culinary lexicon.
The steamer basket replaces the traditional bamboo base with terracotta. This natural material has efficient liquid absorbing characteristics, meaning it can absorb any excess moisture generated during steaming, ensuring that the food is perfectly moist.

● Steamer pot – first use
1. When using the steamer pot for the first time, please soak the whole pot in clean water for at least 24 hours.
2. After soaking for 24 hours, the steamer pot is ready for its debut. Add 1 cup of rice and 80% full of water into the pot and simmer until the rice is cooked into porridge. The porridge will make maintenance easier in the future. (If rice is not available, use a cup of flour instead.)
3. The pot is suitable for direct fire cooking, oven and microwave.
● Steamer pot – Daily maintenance
1. When using the pot with the steamer basket, the water-level should not exceed 50% capacity. This will maximize the steaming performance.
2. If odor occurs, boil a pot of tea and leave the tea in the pot for 6~8 hours to remove the smell.
3. The bottom of the pot may turn dark brown after using for a period of time.
4. Clean with mild detergent and sponge. After cleaning, air-dry with bottom facing upward. Make sure it is completely dry before storing in a cool dry place.
● Steamer basket
1. A dish or baking paper is recommended to separate the food and the terra cotta. This will prepare the food from sticky to the terra cotta.
2. Clean with mild detergent and sponge. After rinsing the steamer basket, place basket in upright position to air dry. Make sure it is completely dry before storing in a cool dry place.
3. If the basket becomes tainted with food odor, it is recommended to soak it in warm water with some baking soda (10 parts water to 1 part baking soda). Soak for 10 minutes then rinse and air dry.
4. Rinse the steam basket with boiled water before first usage. This step can remove the impurities in the basket and also to minimize the smell of the basket.

● Steamer pot
1. Do not heat the pot when it is empty.
2. Dry the pot using a piece of dry cloth prior to use. When cooking over direct fire, use low to medium heat to prevent the pot from turning brown.
3. Rinse immediately after use with saturated colored food (such as curry, tomato sauce etc.) to avoid staining.
4. The fireproof ceramic is highly water-absorbent. Avoid submerging the unglazed portion in water for extended period of time.
● Steamer basket
1. Avoid soaking the steamer basket for a long period of time (no longer than 15 minutes).
2. Not dishwasher safe.

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