Lin’s Ceramics Executive Tea Mug – Black with gold


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These well-designed mugs are modern, practical, hygienic, and compact. The patented notched design of the ceramic filter allows you to perch the filter diagonally on the mug to prevent breakage while brewing your tea. When you are ready to enjoy your tea, simply flip the mug’s lid upside-down and rest the filter onto it to keep your desk clean and dry. This series comes in a wide range of colors and glazes, it’s also an excellent choice for a gift.

Bullet Points:
? Hand made ceramic mug
? Special monogram ‘Ji Xiang’ inscribed on the mug, means ‘Good fortune’ in English
? Integrates the stability and elegance of traditional wares with modern
? Manuals in Chinese, English, and Japanese are included with our mugs
? Patented this new design in Japan, the United States, and China