Lin’s Ceramics Purion Large Mug w/ Lid


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Purion’s unique qualities earthy and natural transformations. Similar to Mai-fan stone and activated charcoal, Purion softens the taste of water. See for yourself this amazing effect when brewing tea, drinking water, serving wine, or making coffee. And our Purion tea caddies are the ultimate storage for all your aged pu-er and oolongs, weather aged or traditionally charcoal fired.

Tea brewed in Purion is mellow and is sure to be enjoyed by all your guests.
Our Pursion crafts are made from completely natural materials. The wares all undergo the process of oxidization, reduction and repeat fire.
All Pursion crafts possess a simple, natural, and high quality feel; available in fantastic colors, the series brings you maximum ceramics fun.
The color of Purion series, the soil is a natural material, so each piece is unique and different in color.