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Purion, enriches your health. Aesthetic and functional, it has fascinating effects on tea, water, coffee and wine. Tea stored in a Purion container also yields transformation results. This effect is most notable with aged teas such as Pu-er, black tea, and heavy Oolongs that have been charcoal fired.

Long Description:
Complementing Lin’s Ceramics Studio spirit of continuous innovation and progress, we partnered with Taiwanese ceramic artist Gu Chuan Zi, to develop the Purion collection. Purion is a mixture of natural minerall ore and pottery clay. This formula is able to improve water quality, elevating the taste and texture of tea. We’ve used this to create a new line of teaware.
This remarkable material involved over ten years of research, and is truly a state of the art addition to the field of ceramic arts. It is beautiful to look at and to hold, and its effect on tea is amazing. Purion softens and smooths the ‘mouth-feel’ of water, and tea brewed in Purion has a wonderful long lasting fragrance.