Sori Yanagi triply stainless saucepan (22cm/18cm) SY-D218/322


3-layer Stainless Aluminum Saucepan designed by the influential Japanese industrial designer Sori Yanagi.

The 3-layer Stainless Aluminum collection features quality materials and craftsmanship:

  • Inner layer: 18/8 stainless steel which is excellent in corrosion resistance.
  • Middle layer: aluminum is used for its great heat conductivity.
  • Outer layer: 18-Nb stainless steel for even induction heating

Thickness of the bottom is 2.6mm, perfect for uniform heat conduction and prevent the pot from easily burning.

Both the saucepan and its lid have unique shapes. By rotating the lid, the gaps are revealed, which can vent steam or help drain liquid. The saucepan’s functional design is a prime example of Sori Yanagi’s emphasis on ease of use.

  • 3-layer great heat conductivity pot
  • Beautiful matte finish
  • Unique & functional shape

Made in Japan.

Pan Diameter: 8.66″
Product size: 16.65″x10.23″x4.84″

Body: 18/8 Stainless steel, Core Aluminum, 18-Nb Stainless steel
Handle, Tab: Phenol resin

Care & Usage:

  • Dishwasher safe

Additional information

Weight 1.275 lbs