Summit IH Beijing Style Wok


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Our Iron wok will help you bring cooking to the next level:

  • Special Induction Heating (IH) bottom.
  • Superior thermal conduction.
  • Faster cook time.
  • Beijing style Wok shape with convenient flat bottom
  • The thick iron stores heat for longer, maintaining constant oil temperature.
  • Iron is durable and scratch-resistant

Made in Japan

For the longevity of this cookware, please use vegetable oil to properly season the surface after cooking.

Wok Diameter: 20 cm
Size: 215?áx 338?áx 115mm
Weight: 580g

Wok Diameter: 30 cm
Size: 300?áx 455x 16mm
Weight: 1.11kg

Additional information

Weight 1.11 lbs