Termolar Magic Pump Thermos (with Pump) 8700/8709/8790/8799


The Magic Pump is a pump thermos with an exclusive system that does not drip. It is an injected product, which provides greater resistance and high brightness, giving it more beauty, ideal to accompany the daily routine at home or at work, only with the company itself or surrounded by those you love. With the trust and quality of Termolar products, it presents differentiated thermal conservation, which will guarantee hot or cold liquids for much longer.
– Don’t drip
– Decorated according to global trends
– Strong jet and stability when pumping

To increase the durability of Termolar products, blanch for 2 minutes before adding hot or cold liquids. For better temperature performance, use the full capacity of the bottle, as the storage time depends on the initial temperature of the liquids and the number of times the product is opened.
Avoid thermal shock: Do not add cold drink and then hot drink, and vice versa.
Do not look directly into the bottle and do not shake the product.
Do not expose to the sun for a long time or leave it near sources of heat.
Do not drink directly or use an electric heater.
Avoid opening the cover excessively so that conservation losses do not occur.
Do not put your bottle in the microwave or in the dishwasher.
Do not place ice cubes in bottles with glass and stainless steel vials or carbonated drinks.
Keep out of the reach of children.
INTERNAL CLEANING: Insert two spoons of baking soda and hot water into the bottle. Leave for 12 hours, remove the contents and rinse the bottle. Repeat the full wash once a week or after using coffee and milk. Store the product open.
EXTERNAL CLEANING: Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. 
For the best cleaning, follow the directions on the package insert that comes with the product. It is not necessary to soak the bottle. Following these guidelines, Termolar bottles will conserve liquids for much longer.
IMPORTANT: Do not use abrasives and products with chlorine, as they damage the thermal conservation of the bottle in the long term.
ATTENTION: Bottles with pumps must be used vertically. DO NOT tilt and / or pour the bottle.

Capacity: 1L / 1.8L
Thermal insulation: Glass Ampoule
Serving System: Pressure pump

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Weight 0.97 lbs



Black, Coffee, Foliage, Nude, Pomegranate Red, Safari Gray, Tropical, White