TigerCrown Albrid Separate Talt Mold Deep 220


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The bottomless type is very convenient to take out. Depending on the ingredients such as quiche and fruit tart, it can be a main dish or a snack. Aluminum, which has high thermal conductivity, is coated twice with fluororesin, which has good mold removal, does not stick easily, and is easy to wash.


– Aluminum

Painting, plating, etc.

– Fluor resin 2 coat

– Number of waves = 32


– Product condition: finished product

– Country of origin: Japan

– Capacity: 1400ml

– External dimensions: φ226 x 46 mm  

Bottom plate: φ191 x 0.6 mm


– Before using for the first time, wash with a liquid detergent and wipe off any water before using.

– Do not grill over an open flame.

– Before baking, apply a thin layer of butter or oil to the inside of the mold.

– After use, wash with water, hot water or liquid detergent and a sponge scrubbing brush.

– Do not use hard objects such as metal scrubbing brushes, polishing powder, and knives as they will damage the surface.

– Do not put in a dishwasher or dish dryer.


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