TigerCrown Bread Mold with Lid (1.5 loaf) 0.7 thickness


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Uses a thick steel plate with a thickness of 0.7 mm. It has good thermal conductivity and can be baked evenly and plumply.

Since the lid is a sliding type, it is easy to close and there is no worry that the lid will lift and come off.
You can also make mountain-shaped bread by removing the lid and baking.


– Steel

– Reinforcing material: Stainless steel (18-0)

Painting, plating, etc.

– Aluminum plating


– Product status: finished product

– Country of origin: Japan

– Capacity: 2250ml

– External dimensions with lid: 135x202x133mm

– Baking mold outer dimensions: 131x192x121mm


– When using for the first time, wash thoroughly with a neutral detergent so as not to damage the mold before use.

– After use, wash it off with a neutral detergent and a sponge scrubbing brush as soon as possible to prevent rust, and store it sufficiently dry.

– Handle the baking mold so that your hands are not injured at the corners or bent parts.

– Do not put in a dishwasher or dish dryer.



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