TigerCrown Bread Mold with Lid


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You can bake fluffy fresh bread. It is a slightly smaller and cute size bread type. This product has good thermal conductivity and excellent durability. Since the lid is a sliding type, it is easy to close and there is no worry that the lid will lift and come off.


– Steel

– Reinforcing material: Stainless steel (18-0)

Painting, plating, etc.

– Aluminum plating


– Product condition: Finished product

– Country of origin: Japan

– Capacity: 1,700ml 

– Outer diameter: 134 x 152 x 131 mm

– Container outer diameter: 132 x 130 x 121 mm


– When using for the first time, wash thoroughly with a neutral detergent so as not to damage the mold before use.

– After use, wash off with a neutral detergent and sponge scrubbing brush as soon as possible to prevent rust, and dry thoroughly before storing.

– Handle the baking mold so that the corners and bends do not hurt your hands.

– Do not put in a dishwasher or dish dryer.

-There may be scratches due to manufacturing reasons, but there is no problem when using it.


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