TigerCrown Silicone Rubber Spatula L


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Excellent safety, hygiene and elasticity! Ideal for making sweets and cooking. You can mix the dough, transfer it from the bowl, and use it for dough leveling and lining. It has a special metal inside and is a durable integral molding, so it can be used hygienically and is excellent in usability and durability. High and low temperature cooking is also OK!

– Silicone rubber
– Core rod: Stainless Steel (18-0)

– Heat resistance: 204 degrees
– Cold resistance: -20 degrees

– Product status: finished product
– Country of origin: Japan
– Spatula: 57 x 11 x 75 mm

– Do not use for dishes that use a large amount of oil, such as fried foods.
– Be careful of cutlery and canned knives.
– Do not put in a dishwasher or dish dryer.
– No microwave oven
– Depending on the food, the color may be dyed, but there is no concern about hygiene.


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