Tsukiusagi Stainless Steel Pot Silver


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The outside of the pot is made of ferromagnetic stainless steel sandwiched between aluminum for excellent heat conduction and three layers of steel. The inside of the pot is 18-8 stainless steel, which is clean and has excellent heat retention properties. The inner material is corrosion-resistant, and the silver-colored pot has a mirror finish on the inside, which makes it easy to remove stuck-on food. A single piece of stainless steel is punched and finished by hand, making it easy to wash and keep clean. It is highly functional and can be used for a wide range of Japanese and Western dishes, including paella and other oven dishes. This is an excellent product developed with a factory specializing in stainless steel pots. It is compatible with both gas and induction heaters. This is a standard product that has been sold for 20 years.

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