Zojirushi Classic Bento® Lunch Set SL-GRE18


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The Classic Bento® Stainless Lunch Jar from Zojirushi transforms eating lunch on the go into an art. With its three microwaveable inner bowls (including a soup bowl), a forked spoon, chopsticks, carrying strap and protective cover, the Classic Bento® lunch jar allows its user to compartmentalize a multi-course meal such as broths, stews, pasta or meat dishes, salads, soups and cookies, all transportable in separate bowls. The outer container of the model is vacuum insulated, providing excellent heat retention.

Vacuum insulation refers to the advanced technology used in select Zojirushi products, which sees to the removal of air from in between two layers of stainless steel walls that make up the jar. With the air gone, a vacuum is created through which heat cannot transfer, making the container and its contents invulnerable to the external temperatures. The insulated lid of the main dish bowl also aids in the heat retention achieved within the jar by blocking heat transfer from in and out of the bowl, thus preserving the intended temperature within the lower compartment whilst eliminating any heat to affect the side dish bowls located above. With this, the lunch courses can be enjoyed to their full, flavoursome potential and also hassle free, as the inner bowls are designed to minimalize leaks. The SL-GRE18 lunch jar is the optimal vessel for anyone who needs the versatility and quality taste of their food everywhere they go, with the added “green” factor for eliminating the use of wasteful paper bags or disposable containers.

  • Durable stainless steel construction with excellent heat retention
  • 3 microwaveable inner bowls
  • Washable nonstick coated outer container
  • Includes chopsticks with chopsticks holder, forked spoon with cover, carrying strap and protective bag
  • Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel
  • 6Wx 5 7/8Dx 8 3/8H inches / 2.lbs

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