Zojirushi Ms. Bento® Stainless Lunch Set SL-NCE09


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Zojirushi’s Ms. Bento® Stainless Lunch Jar with 21 oz. capacity comes with a washable outer container, three microwaveable inner bowls (including a soup bowl), forked spoon and a convenient carrying bag.

The vacuum insulation system that equips the Ms. Bento® lunch jar is the brand’s renowned technology that achieves outstanding heat retention results. During the production process, the air from in between the double layers of the stainless steel walls of the jar, creating a vacuum. Through this vacuum, the heat is unable to transfer, resulting in the stability of the contents’ original temperatures by avoiding heat loss or impacts of external conditions. This is supported by insulated and tight-fitted lids of the inner bowls that block heat from transferring through layers of the jar, ensuring that the side dishes’ temperature is not affecting by the main course situated right below. Like the rest of the models in Zojirushi’s family of lunch jars, Ms. Bento® offers ideal transportation of your favourite meals securely and in their original freshness, eliminating the use of wasteful paper or plastic bags and disposable containers.

Accessories of the model include an easy-to-carry tote bag that can accommodate additional foods and beverages.


  • Durable stainless steel construction with excellent heat retention
  • 3 microwaveable inner bowl
  • Washable nonstick coated outer container
  • Includes forked spoon with cover and easy to carry tote bag
  • Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel

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