Zojirushi Stainless Vacuum Creamer/Dairy Server SH-MAE10


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Zojirushi’s sleek carafes are designed to perform beyond their abilities to maintain temperatures of its contents: they bring the ultimate mobility to your favourite drinks whether its coffee in the office, iced tea in your living room or cold water in a commercial environment.

The SH-MAE10 Stainless Vacuum Creamer and Dairy Server comes with features such as a convenient always-open one piece insulated lid that doesn’t require checking or twisting the lid to pour, making it suitable for commercial use. The tip of the spout is designed to minimize dribbling, eliminating messy pours.

The inner wall of the carafe is treated with the brand’s very own SlickSteel® electro-polishing method during production. This results in a smooth, durable interior that resists corrosion and stains making the carafe hygienic for use and easy to clean, a feature undeniably essential for any busy commercial setting as well as personal use. The use of stainless steel liner makes the carafe nearly indestructible and leads to outstanding temperature retention, especially if the carafe is used in line with the brand’s recommended pre-heating or pre-chilling steps. In comparison with its glass counterpart, however, stainless steel is more susceptible to taking on the color and the flavour of its contents.

  • High quality vacuum insulation keeps dairy cold for hours
  • Unbreakable 18/8 grade stainless steel construction
  • One piece lid, with minimal threading or other openings to prevent dairy from becoming caught and spoiling, to maintain cleanliness
  • Easy-to-clean, SlickSteel® stainless steel interior
  • NSF certified

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